Race Director's Message
The Great Lake Tahoe Bike Ride
Sunday, September 18, 2016


The Great Lake Tahoe Bike Ride will continue in 2016 in its basic format. It is designed for the novice racer to enjoy the feel and thrill or riding in a peloton around beautiful and breath taking Lake Tahoe. It is not for the professional cyclist.

The event will start at Zephyr Cove, NV at 6:50AM on Sunday, September 18. Racers will all start in the peloton from the ZC Lodge parking lot and finish there after circling the 72.2 miles of Lake Tahoe clockwise.

There will be a police escort provided by the NHP, CHP, and the City of South Lake Tahoe through the first 9 miles and 25+ traffic lights.

The next 63 miles have only a few controlled stop signs or “roundabouts”, so should be non-stop back to Zephyr Cove with a CHP or NHP escort for the peloton.

Riders who drop out of the police escorted peloton will become riders and follow all the rules of the road and will finish at their own pace and still be awarded their Finish Time Achievement Awards.

As you can imagine the event has become very expensive to put on, so some changes and financial guarantees have to be put in place to continue this fun event for the recreational rider- racer.

The Bike Race must have 100 participants registered by August 15 to continue. There will be a 150-rider maximum.

There will be two fees. The first 100 registered will pay $150; the next 50 will pay $200.

On August 15, if there are not 100 riders the event will be cancelled and all entry fees will be returned, less the non-refundable registration company fee of about 7%.

The police escort takes the peloton the first 9-miles through the 25 stoplights of South Tahoe. After 9-miles there are few stop lights or stop signs the rest of the way around the lake. The peloton will continue to have a police escort all the way.

The race is for racers or riders who would like to ride in a peloton for as long as possible and earn time achievement awards for completing the ride under 3, under 3.5, and under 4 hours. License plate holders will be given to all who finish under 3, 4, 5 and 6 hours. And all who finish the race or ride around the lake will receive a souvenir finisher's medal.

There will be a $1000 bonus for breaking the course record of 2:50:21.9.

We are looking for a sponsor to provide an overall purse.

Event t-shirts are given to all.

PS. We have changed our name from Race to Ride. If we are a Race Cal Trans will treat us like Amgen and make us use 70 cops. Amgen can afford 70 cops, but we are a sponsor-less grass roots event, we cannot pay for 70 cops at $800 each. So going forward we are a ride.

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Lake Tahoe Bike Ride

Lake Tahoe Bike Ride

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